New SHOP for Uber and Lyft Drivers – Open for Business

Free Rideshare Consulting is very pleased to announce our new SHOP on our website.  This is no ordinary shop, rather this is a collection of items that Uber and Lyft drivers want or need in order to do a better job.  We have selected close to 1000 products specifically for Uber drivers and Lyft drivers.  By shopping here you are supporting our ability to pay the costs of keeping this website up and running including the time for additional articles and updates to Products and Services that we provide.

The menu is split into Products and Services.  The Products portion of the shop is completed for the most part with just a few adjustments needed.  On the other hand, the Services section is still under construction and will be building up over the next 6 months such that it should be finished by the end of June 2018.

Ultimately this is an Amazon Affiliate website which means that when you finally check out from our SHOP you will be directed to the checkout page of Amazon with your selected products in your Amazon cart ready for payment and shipping information.