Different Types Of Uber Car Services And Drivers’ Requirements

There are many requirements you need to fulfill to become a driver with Uber. Uber is one of the most prestigious names in the transportation industry in the USA. If you are a driver and want to start a partnership with Uber, you need to know how to qualify for Uber.

This article will give you a detailed overview of terms and conditions about Uber requirements.

Here is a list of Uber requirements:


You need to be an adult to drive for Uber. Your age should be 21 years or more. In addition to that, you must have a U.S license for 1+ years. If you are 23 or younger, you should Have a U.S. License for 3+ years.

Auto insurance:

You need to have valid personal auto insurance that meets or exceeds state requirements. It is a must requirement for anyone who wants to be an Uber driver.


As per the new Uber guidelines for 2018, you need to have a minimum of 3 years driving experience. It is mandatory for anyone who is looking to be an Uber driver.

Background check:

A criminal background check of an applicant will be conducted by Uber that an applicant needs to pass.

Vehicle Inspection:

Your vehicle will be inspected by Uber or a certified third party and it should pass.

Clean driving record:

Also, you need to have a clean driving record as your driving record will be checked in order to be an Uber driver.

Vehicle Type:

Vehicle Requirements

Being an Uber driver, you need to drive a four-door car, truck or minivan. You cannot drive a full-size van with Uber. Furthermore, taxi and other marked vehicles are not allowed. Also, you cannot use a Crown Victoria.

Also, the model of the car should be 2000 or newer. It varies from city to city and you need to check it out from time to time. In some cities, your car should be of 2005 or newer.

However, the list changes constantly, typically from year to year. You need to check out Uber guidelines from time to time to ensure that you stay updated.

For UberXL:

Here, the vehicle types are larger than UberX and it is a larger version of vehicles. Here, the vehicle can accommodate a minimum of 5 passengers excluding the driver.

All other vehicle requirements and other rules are the same. Some of the vehicles that fall into this category are GMC Acadia, Dodge Caravan, Honda Odyssey, Ford Explorer, Ford Expedition, Honda Pilot, Dodge Durango, Jeep Cherokee, Chevrolet Suburban.

For UberSelect/UberPLUS:

UberSelect is also known as UberPlus and here, the cars are luxurious and with refined interiors. Some of the vehicle requirements are:

A leather interior is must in the vehicle.

The model of the vehicle should be of 2009 or newer.

Some of the cars that UberPlus/UberSelect include are Audi A3 and up, BMW 3 Series and up, all Lincolns, Mercedes C-Class and up, Volvo S60, Acura, Cadillac, Hyundai Genesis, all Infinitis.

For UberSUV:

UberSUV is another car transportation service especially accommodates a minimum of 5 passengers excluding the driver. Some of the cars are the Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Suburban, Lincoln Navigator, GMC Yukon XL.

For UberLUX:

It is a topnotch Uber vehicle and offers a luxurious ride to the passengers in superior cars such as limousines. It is only available in Los Angeles.

Some of the drivers’ requirements for UberLUX:

The driver should have commercial insurance. The car model should be of 2012 or newer. Some of the cars are Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7 Series, Audi A8, Porsche Panamera, Tesla Model S, Range Rover.


You need to fulfill the aforementioned criteria to become an Uber driver. You can visit Rideshareconsulting.com to start your career as an Uber driver.

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