Guide To Car Safety Features

Car safety features are improving day-by-day! Today, safety is the biggest concern when it comes to buying cars! While a modern day car has plenty of safety features to protect its passengers! In today’s world, cars come with 5 star NCAP ratings which rates them extremely safe!

Before entering the global market, these cars need to perform certain strict tests to ensure 100% safety for Drivers and passengers. Even big companies have started purchasing cars with 5-star safety rankings. Uber was concerned about Uber driver’s safety, so they started purchasing vehicles with the highest number of safety features. Moreover, there are many safety features that you must probably familiarize yourself with.

In this article, you will be provided with information related to the latest safety features that are installed in your vehicle. So, let’s get started!

Forward Collision Warning with Auto-Braking

Forward Collision Warning Technology

It is the latest addition found on cars today. This system uses a series of cameras, lasers, and radar to detect vehicles ahead and alert the driver. As you get closer to the vehicle in front of you, the system will alert you with audible and vibrations on the steering wheel. In case of emergency, the vehicle will automatically apply the brakes to prevent it from crashing.

Lane Departure Warning

As the name suggests, it uses cameras and lasers to monitor lane marking on the road. If the vehicle exits the lane without using a correct turn signal, this system will alert you with an alarm. This is very helpful for the drivers who may fall asleep at the wheel. If we believe the experts, this feature will surely become a  mandatory one in the near future!

Blind Spot Warning

A blind spot is an area around the vehicle that cannot be observed by the driver. This is where blind spot warning helps, it uses technology like radar and cameras to monitor the blind spot on a vehicle. When the vehicle appears in the blind spot, a light will illuminate in the instrument panel. This system should be used in addition to the proper driving procedure to avoid collisions on the road.

Adaptive Headlights

Adaptive Headlights

Adaptive headlamps are the latest innovation in the headlights which follows the steering wheel input while driving. This technology has been highly effective especially around dark corners. Using the adaptive headlights technology, drivers can not only see the road but can also spot anyone who may be walking alongside! Along with adaptive headlight, some cars are equipped with automatic high beams. When turned on, they will detect the open road and will activate the high beam. When a vehicle approaches from the front, it will automatically turn the high beam off.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

TPMS is installed in the vehicles to monitor the accurate pressure of each tire individually. When the tire pressure drops to a certain amount, a light will start blinking on the control panel to alert the driver. As per the report, there are more than 40,000 accidents resulting in 33,000 injuries and over 650 deaths because of under-inflated tires. On the other hand, properly inflated tires will provide you with better handling, stability, and braking. Properly inflated tires can even help you save a lot of fuel resulting in huge savings!

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