Advantages Of Applying To Drive For Uber And Lyft At The Same Time

August 25, 2018


By: Tommy Andrews

There are very important advantages to being approved and having the option to drive for both ride sharing services, that being Uber and Lyft.  The overall requirements are very similar so if you are applying for one then you will already have pictures of your license, registration, and insurance which both rideshare services require as a minimum. So fundamentally the Uber requirements, Uber qualifications, Lyft requirements and Lyft qualifications are almost the same. In addition, the company providing your vehicle inspection may be certified to do both at the same time, this may save you time and money.

Getting Suspended On Your Rideshare Platform

The biggest problem that may arise if you are only registered to drive for one rideshare company is that you as a driver get suspended from your current platform.  If you get suspended and are not already signed up with another service, then you will definitely lose a lot of money, especially if you drive full time given that it may take up to a week to get signed up on a new platform. There are many reasons that a suspension can occur but it can be as simple as a passenger reporting that you harassed them, which may not be true at all, perhaps it was a misunderstanding or a belligerent drunk person reports you just because they are unable to think normally.  I had one drunk guy think I was kidnapping him since I did not take the exit off the freeway that he normally takes. Another scenario under which you may get suspended is when you have an accident with a passenger in your car in which case you will be instantly suspended from the service you were driving until everything including your car repairs are completed. This latter scenario has happened to me and while I was fighting the insurance company of the person that hit me I was not able to drive for Lyft for 3 months until I finally got my car repaired even though the damage was very minimal and the car was perfectly safe to drive even with the damage.  I did not have a big issue with this, however, because I was instantly able to drive for Uber and continue to generate income until my car was finally fixed.

Driving For Uber And Lyft At The Same Time

In addition to being registered to drive for both Uber and Lyft, there are apps for Android  that allow you to work for Uber or Lyft simultaneously.  Given that both your Uber and Lyft apps are online, the app that allows you to drive for Uber and Lyft simultaneously will accept a ride automatically from the first service that requests you and automatically turn the other rideshare app offline so that you don’t accidentally get a fare request from the platform you do not want to drive for while taking your first requested passenger to their destination.  The neat thing is that these apps also have filters so you can filter out ride requests that, for example, have ratings below 4.0 or perhaps rides that are over 15 minutes away to pick up. You can read a full article on this at How To Drive For Uber And Lyft Simultaneously.

Uber And Lyft Promotions For Bonuses

One of the other reasons to be registered to work for Uber or Lyft as an alternative if you are already signed up with one of the ride-sharing services is that they often have different promotions for making extra money with bonuses.  If you drive for both you are able to choose the platform that will provide you with the best income opportunities based on your upcoming weekly personal schedule.

Given all the benefits of applying to drive for Lyft and Uber at the same time, there is no reason that you should drive for only one platform unless one of the ride-sharing services is not available in your city or area. So make the most of your application process and make more money by registering for both Uber and Lyft.

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