9 Items That Every Rideshare Car Should Have

By: Tommy Andrews

Rideshare driving can be a challenging job! As a rideshare driver, you have to face every type of passenger from quiet and polite to drunken and incoherent! Moreover, as an Uber or Lyft driver, you should keep some essentials along with Lyft or Uber driver requirement documents during the ride! These little things can get you great ratings!

Here is the list of the things that you should keep in your vehicle!

Phone Mount

Starting off the list is the phone mount! It is the staple and the most useful thing for any rideshare driver! The main benefit of having the mobile phone up on your dash or windshield is that you don’t need to look down at your lap for directions! But do you know the biggest plus of the phone mount? It can increase your rating! Yes, you heard right! This is because passengers can able to see the directions you’re following!

While there are many types of phone mounts available in the market, we will review them here.


Magnetic is the most recommended by Uber and Lyft drivers as they allow easy access to remove your phone when you need to make a call or send a text. This type of mount uses multiple magnetic backings that sticks firmly on the back of the mobile phone or the mobile phone case!


Sometimes magnetic mounts just won’t work properly for you due to phone shape, size and whether you have a mobile phone case. Your option is to buy the flexible mounts that are available in the market with adjustable grip tension and many other options! You can even use a long extending arm if you have a deep dashboard!


If you want something striking then you can check out the smaller vent-mounted options that are available from the Uber driver shop!

Chargers and Cables

As an Uber or Lyft driver, you must know that most of the passengers must be asking for a phone charger! It is not only good to get great ratings but for you as well! Nowadays, some car chargers have up to 4 USB ports that charge devices at 2.4 amps! This charger also comes with surge protectors and a microchip to determine each devices’ charging needs! Also passengers usually don’t carry cables with them and they will appreciate it when you go the extra mile and provide one! It is best to have multiple cables for different devices!

Lastly, the most important of them all is the AUX cable. It is used to play music and nowadays, AUX cables are easily available from the stores!

Dash Cam

Dashcam is a must for every rideshare driver! It is known as the cheapest insurance policy that you can buy! Dash cam can be used to discourage bad passenger’s behavior but it also acts as an objective witness during an accident or some other incident!

Floor Mats

If you pick a lot of passengers from the beach, you will end up a lot of sand in your car! You can stop this by using a quality rubber floor mats that can be cleanup within a snap! It also offers added protection against spilled beverages, rain, and more!

Vomit Bags

The rideshare driver should carry vomit bags in the car as sometimes some passengers are a bit too intoxicated and they may have to vomit. A passenger vomiting in your car can be a huge inconvenience for you to clean and get rid of the smell, let alone the time it takes away from you being able to be driving and earning money.

Old Towels

Spilled beverages and rainwater can be cleaned with a towel! It also be used as a seat cover during the rain but it will also protect your upholstery while transporting pets!

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