8 Uber and Lyft Driver Tips and Tricks for Boosting Profits and Rider Experience

September 6, 2019


By: Tommy Andrews

Whether you’re a rideshare driver full-time or use it as a side gig, you’re in it to make money. Yet, when you earn per mile, there’s only so much money you can make… right?


There are more ways than one to increase your profits while also giving your riders a great service. With a few tips and tricks up your sleeve, you can bring in more tips and cut any costs out of your own pocket.

To help get you started, let’s look at 8 Uber and Lyft driver tips and tricks you can use now to boost your profits and rider experience.

1. Drive at the Busiest Times

It might be more convenient for you to drive during the day or only on a weekday night, but that might not be where the money is. To earn top dollar in ridesharing, you need to drive when there’s a heavy demand.

The busiest times tend to land during rush hour and on the weekends. People heading to and from work, or going out for a night on the town, are a huge customer base.

Also, consider driving during times when there’s a large sporting event or concert going on. People are much more likely to order a ride than brave the traffic and parking on their own.

2. Provide a Luxurious Ride

Everyone wants to feel like they’re riding in style. Whether you have a luxury car or not, you can still give your riders the VIP treatment that will earn you more money in tips.

Offering small amenities will feel like an upgraded service. Affordable things such as a phone charger, mints or snacks, bottled water, and hand lotion will go a long way in keeping riders happy.

To keep your costs low so you can pocket the profits, only supply the backseat with enough items for each rider. Or install a Cargo Box to provide vending machine items your passengers can buy.

Also, keep your car neat and tidy, both inside and out. Appearance can mean everything to a rider’s experience.

3. Ask for the Rider’s Preferences

Another way to score points with riders (thus raking in more tips!) is by asking their preferences on different aspects of the ride.

Do they have a preferred route to take? Is the temperature of the car comfortable or would they rather have the windows down? What kind of music do they want to listen to during the ride?

By asking them two or three questions, you get to tailor the ride to their needs. This will make it feel like a customized service that riders will love and appreciate.

4. Get Advice from a Mentor

When you’re looking for Uber or Lyft driver tips and tricks, it helps to talk to the experts. Those who have experience will know firsthand what works and what doesn’t.

Long-time drivers and consultants will have the insight you won’t have as a newbie. Even if you’ve been a rideshare driver for a while, mentors may have ideas you never came up with on your own.

Plus, talking to mentors from your area will give you personalized advice for your specific city. What works in one city may not in yours. Having localized help can increase your profits and rider experience.

5. Drive and Act Courteously

Politeness is definitely a virtue that will increase your profits from tips. Being courteous not only to the riders but to everyone else on the road will give you a positive reputation that will put you in demand.

Greet riders with a smile and introduce yourself. Open their car door, if possible, and help them with any bags. When the ride is over, tell them goodbye by using their first name.

Extend these good manners while driving. Don’t be aggressive with other drivers. Also, give your riders an enjoyable trip by not going over speed bumps too fast or braking too hard.

6. Put in the Hours

One of the many perks of ridesharing is the freedom to drive when you want. When you have full control over your schedule, you have full control over how much money you make.

Don’t be afraid to work hard and put in the necessary hours.

To make this easier for you, work out a schedule that you can follow. For example, if you know going home after your regular job will make it hard for you to get back out to drive, plan on driving right after work to take the temptation of sitting at home away.

7. Have the Right Gear

Having a car and smartphone will give you the basics of ridesharing. Yet, to up your game and your rider’s experience, getting gear to make the ride safer will give you a professional edge.

Looking down at your phone for directions or information is dangerous. You don’t want to take your eyes off the road, putting you and your riders at risk. Instead, get a phone mount to keep your phone within eye level.

Installing a dash cam is another way to keep you safe. It helps deter any inappropriate behavior and gives you video evidence in case it does.

Having specialized gear shows your riders that they’re in the hands of a professional, which can score you more money in tips.

8. Don’t Drive Aimlessly Between Rides

It’s tempting to drive around aimlessly between customer orders. Yet, did you know that it’s costing you money?

Every unneeded mile you drive burns up fuel. It also creates extra wear and tear on your car. Over time, that may end up costing you more money than you’re making.

Do your wallet a favor and park between rides. Find an area that is safe to wait in, such as a parking lot with a lot of people and ample lighting.

Make More Money with Uber and Lyft Driver Tips and Tricks

Rideshare driving is a great way to put money in your pockets. With these Uber and Lyft driver tips and tricks, you can now maximize those profits while giving your riders an experience to remember.

Ready to talk with an experienced driver and mentor about how you can increase your own rideshare profits? Contact us today for free!

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