7 Options for Drivers Who Don’t Meet Lyft’s Car Requirements

July 26, 2019


By: Tommy Andrews

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The gig culture is here to stay! One to 4 percent of people in the U.S. do gig work, and 40 percent of companies embrace gig workers as an ever-growing section of their workforce, making the choice to drive for Lyft on track with the gig trajectory.

The gig companies that are successful, like Lyft, do monitor their system to make sure everything is up to par with company standards. Hence Lyft’s car requirements and driver requirements. They may seem stringent but these requirements also work in your favor to keep you safe and efficient so you can earn to your potential.

But what if your car doesn’t meet Lyft vehicle requirements, you ask?

There are still ways you can make money with Lyft! Keep reading for six options if your car isn’t up to par. Then, get started driving and earning with your new freelance gig. 

1. Rent a Car Through Lyft Express Drive

This is Lyft’s rental car option. It’s a partnership with GM/Mavin that lets you use the Mavin service but with other perks for Lyft. This Express Drive Program also uses Hertz.

Benefits include being able to use the car for yourself when you’re not driving for Lyft. And you get unlimited drive miles. The cost of rental includes maintenance and insurance plus taxes and fees. Check your city for prices in your area. 

You may get a tad better deal than if you go with Mavin straight up. We’ve heard $180 per week as an approximate cost.

Another perk of going with Lyft Express Drive is the Rental Rewards program. You have to give a certain number of rides a week. We’ve heard 75 and a bit lower. 

You also have to have a 90 percent acceptance rate for rides. If you hit the required numbers (which change often), you can eliminate the cost of your rental that week. You do still have to pay the taxes. 

Check your Lyft dashboard for the current numbers you have to hit. This is a great option if you’re ready to go and especially if you drive full-time.

2. Rent a Car Through HyreCar

HyreCar is like a gig culture within a gig culture. This is a website that lets you rent a private car from someone for a period of time while you’re rideshare driving. It’s a car share among drivers or between drivers and car owners that want to rent out their car.

Both the renter and the car owner sign up on the website for free. As a renter, you need to qualify with a background check that you pay for.

You also need to get the HyreCar insurance that covers you as you drive the car and pay a HyreCar service fee. On the plus side, the car has to be approved by HyreCar and pass their ready-to-drive requirements. 

The owner of the car chooses the rental price. Typical rates vary depending on location, but we’ve heard that in some places a car rents for up to $50 a day and sometimes it’s as low as $30 a day.

3. Rent a Car Through Maven Gig

Maven Gig is a service that lets you rent a car to drive for your rideshare gig. This is a great first option if you’re not sure about rideshare driving. 

You can rent for a short period of time and then extend if you want. Rentals are for a week, a month, and on. The length depends on your area so do check that out first. Most big cities offer this service. Maven Gig is owned by General Motors.

To start, you create a Maven account, download the app, and apply. There are qualifications. You need to be 21 years old and have a driver’s license valid in the United States. Your driving record must be clean, and you have to accept GM’s service and privacy terms.

If you qualify, they’ll do a background check. Before you jump in, make sure you pass your qualification at Lyft! If you like this option, they also offer a lease option. Plus, they have various types of cars to choose from.

4. Rent a Car Through Turo

Turo is a peer-to-peer rental service. You’re actually renting from private owners. You book for a day or multiple days.

The car owner has insurance on the car through Turo or with another approved coverage option. And the car owner is responsible for maintenance. 

The average price may run $50/day. All you pay for is gas.

5. Rent a Car Through Rideshare Rental

Rideshare Rental is another service that rents out cars to rideshare drivers. This company is geared up to get you driving as soon as possible on rideshare.

There are no fees to start or long-term contracts, and their cars are ready to go with your driving needs in mind, meaning they know the Lyft requirements and will pass. 

Also, the rental fee covers insurance, unlimited driving miles, and regular maintenance. They boast a referral program, too.

You will need to be approved and sign their agreements.

6. Rent a Car Through a Private Fleet Owner

Look in your city for private fleet owners. Typically, these fleets are luxury vehicles used for a limo service. These fleets are ideal because they already have commercial insurance and maintenance in place. Still, you’ll need to get private rideshare insurance. And in some cases, like New York, you’ll need special licensing.

Owners are eager to rent out their cars to you for rideshare driving. Each fleet owner is different and you’ll negotiate the rate. You may get a flat rate with limited miles, or you may pay per mile. 

The luxury cars are ideal if you want to drive Lyft’s Lux or Lux Black. And you can also use luxury cars for regular/standard Lyft.  

7.  Borrow a Car From a Friend or Relative That Fits Lyft’s Car Requirements

This is a great option when you’re getting started and want to see if driving for Lyft works for you. Check Lyft car requirements for your area. And make sure it’s a comfortable, clean, reliable car they expect. Typical safe bests are Toyota or Volkswagen going back a few years.

You’ll need to make sure you have the proper rideshare insurance. This means you’ll have to be on your friend or relative’s insurance. In fact, as a rule of thumb, you can drive any car that fits the Lyft requirements and has you on the insurance certificate.

Be clear about the times you would need to use the car and preferably set up a schedule. Or swap out your car with your friend or relative’s car. Some drivers set up compensation for the car owner.

It’s also a good idea to come up with an agreement ahead of time for maintenance costs. Treat your friend or relative and the car with respect like you would with a rental car company. 

Working Even With the Lyft Car Requirements

Now that you know some great hacks to work within Lyft’s car requirements, you’re ready to start on your new driving gig. Did any of these options pop out at you? Start there!

And also contact us for live one-to-one advice about driving for rideshare services. We’re here to help with lots of personal experience!

We know how to get you started with everything you need including your application as a driver, getting a vehicle, and tips on driving and making the money you need.

Table Of Rental Options For Uber & Lyft

Rental CompanyPlatformsLocationsContact InfoRemarks
Express Drive through Lyft appLyft onlyAtlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Milwaukee, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Orange County, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, Richmond, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Tacoma, Tampa Bay, and Washington, D.C.Lyft express drive link for a new driver, make sure you click on “I need a car”. If you already drive for Lyft you can simply go to your driver dashboard and click on “Vehicles”, the app will offer you rental choices there.Rental cars from Hertz and Flexdrive rented by the week.

As low as $0/week if you meet the Lyft ride quota each week, otherwise it starts at approximately $219/week.
FairUber onlyAtlanta, Inland Empire (CA), Los Angeles, Orange County, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco Bay AreaAs a new Uber driver just click this link and click on “I need a car” on the first page you enter your name on.

If you are already an Uber driver simply go into your app settings and click on “Vehicles”,at which point the app will display all your rental options
Only a few cities in California offer rideshare rentals for now

Rent a car from Fair to drive and earn with Uber. Pay as low as $185 per week, plus a refundable $185 deposit. Looking to drive for a while? Check out options for $130 week with a low start fee of just $500 dollars.
Hertz through Uber appUber onlyAtlanta, Austin, Boston, Boulder (CO), Chicago, Colorado Springs, Dallas, Denver, Englewood (CO), Fort Collins (CO), Inland Empire (CA), Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, Orange County (CA), Philadelphia, Rockies (CO), San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Ventura (CA), Washington, D.C., and Worcester (MA).Hertz rentals are available when you start your application to drive for Uber. Just select “I need a car” during the application process. If you already drive for Uber and need a Hertz rental, simply go to “Vehicles” in your driver settings and tap on “View Rental Options”Age limit through Hertz to rent a car is 25 unlike carshare services where it is typically 21.
GetAroundUber onlyHourly and weekly rentals available to drivers in Boston, San Francisco Bay Area, and Washington, D.C. Hourly-only rentals available to drivers in Atlanta, Denver, Los Angeles, Portland, Philadelphia, and San DiegoAs a new Uber driver just click this link and click on “I need a car” on the first page you enter your name on.

If you are already an Uber driver simply go into your app settings and click on “Vehicles”,at which point the app will display all your rental options
Driver owned vehicles rented out by the week or hourly

Hourly starting at $4/hr ¹, with your first $60 rental free²
Weekly at $239/week, or $219/week if you rent for 4 weeks at a time¹
HyrecarUber, Lyft, Doordash, Postmates, Grubhub, Caviar, Instacart. etc.HyreCar is available in all 50 of the United States, as well as the District of Columbia. It is not currently available outside the U.S.www.hyrecar.comDriver owned vehicles rented out daily, weekly, monthly.
Maven GigUber, Lyft, Doordash, Postmates, Grubhub, Caviar, Instacart. etc.Baltimore, Detroit, Los Angeles, NYC, San Diego, San Francisco, Washington D.C.www.maven.com

Then chose Maven Gig tab on the website.
GM supplied vehicles as GM owns Maven and maven Gig
TuroUber, Lyft, Doordash, Postmates, Grubhub, Caviar, Instacart. etc.Turo is available in all 50 of the United States, as well as the District of Columbia. It is not currently available outside the U.S.www.Turo.comDriver owned vehicles rented out hourly, daily or weekly.
Rideshare RentalUber, Lyft, Doordash, Postmates, Grubhub, Caviar, Instacart. etcBaltimore, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Newark (NJ), North Haven (CT), Oakland, San Diego, San Francisco, Washington D.C.www.ridesharerental.comDriver owned vehicles rented out hourly, daily or weekly.

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