Lyft Driver Requirements

January 1, 2020


By: Tommy Andrews

Lyft - Driver

Updated for 2020

The Lyft driver requirements are very similar to the process and requirements of becoming an Uber driver.  Lyft is looking for safe stable drivers whose first priority is the safety of their passengers.


  1. Applicants must be 21 years of age or older. – There are no exceptions here. If you have not reached the age of 21 at the time of application with Lyft they will not approve you.
  2. Applicants must have had a valid driver’s license for at least 1 year. – It is important to note that Lyft will require that your drivers’ license must be issued from the state that the city you will be driving in is located. Thus if you recently entered say California and you have a Nevada License, you’d better go to the DMV and get your California Drivers License ASAP. You will be able to prove that you had a previous drivers license from another state in order to prove that you have been driving for at least 1 year by taking a picture of your old license and your new one when you apply with Lyft.
  3. Clean Driving Record. – This does not mean exceptionally clean, Lyft realizes that some drivers may have a simple infraction now and again. Here is what Lyft looks for:
  • Aged 21 or older, with an active US driver’s license for 1+ years
  • Valid personal auto insurance that meets or exceeds state requirements
  • No more than three moving violations in the past three years (e.g. accidents, traffic light violations)
  • No major violations in the past three years (e.g. driving on a suspended license, reckless driving)
  • No DUIs or other drug-related driving violations in the last seven years
  • No extreme infractions in the last seven years (e.g. hit-and-run, felonies involving a vehicle)
  1. Pass a criminal background check. – Lyft will ask for your consent for a criminal background check. This is handled by a third party usually Sterling BackCheck.  Here are the details that must apply in order to drive for Lyft.

Within the past seven years the Lyft driver requirements are:

  • No violent crimes
  • No sexual offenses
  • No theft
  • No property damage
  • No felonies
  • No drug-related offenses

Lyft driver requirements have a Lifetime screen against:

  • Individuals registered on the National Sex Offender Registry and DOJ50-State Sex Offender RegistryIf you do not pass the background check, Lyft will email you the results and tell you how to contest their decision.
  1. Be insured on the vehicle you intend to drive. – It is critical that the name on the policy reflects the exact vehicle which you will be driving. The amount of insurance has to match at least the minimal amount required by the state to drive a car.

For more comprehensive information on how to apply to be a Lyft driver please click on this link: Become a Lyft Driver – Lyft Driver Requirements.

If you are ready to sign up to become a Lyft driver or Uber driver then please click on the appropriate buttons below to get the application process started…

Lyft - Driver

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