Lyft Car Requirements

January 1, 2018

Updated for 2019

Apart from the driver requirements, there are Lyft car requirements that the potential driver must also adhere to.  Currently the Lyft car requirements in most markets calls for your car to be 12 years or newer. Unless you live in Seattle, Portland, Washington, D.C., and Minneapolis-St. Paul (10 years) or Pittsburgh (8 years). In addition the Lyft car requirements are:

  1. Must have four doors. Each door must have a handle accessible from the exterior of the vehicle. No, those halfsie doors aren’t eligible.
  2. All signals, lights, high beams, hazards, turn signals, brakes, fog lamps, and other lights must work.
  3. A/C and Heat must work.
  4. All of your windows must roll up and down fully.
  5. No cracks in windshield, windows, or mirrors. (leeway on minor damage as long as it does not obstruct driver field of vision.
  6. Body must be in good condition.
  7. Tire tread depth must fit Abraham Lincoln’s on a penny head in within all parts of the tread (This is the actual standard instructed to Lyft Mentors).
  8. Tailpipe and mufflers must work properly.
  9. Seat-belts all need to work.
  10. Seat Adjustments must be in working order

If you adhere to the Lyft car requirements then the first thing you need to do is click here for the new Lyft Driver application.  This will preload the promo code from this page and ask for some basic information to be filled out including your name, email address, major city you will be driving in and phone number.  So if you live on the outskirts of the San Francisco Bay Area, say in Danville, the you would enter San Francisco for the city and not Danville.

If your vehicle does not qualify, you have lots of other options to drive for Lyft.  Please read “7 Options for Drivers Who Don’t Meet Lyft’s Car Requirements“.


For more comprehensive information on how to apply to be an Uber driver please click on this link: Become an Lyft Driver – Lyft Driver Requirements.

If you are ready to sign up to become a Lyft driver or Uber driver then please click on the appropriate buttons below to get the application process started…

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