Uber And Lyft Fight It Out For Drivers

August 7, 2017


By: Tommy Andrews

This is a great time to drive for both Uber and Lyft.  That is because since Travis Kalanick resigned as CEO of Uber, both Uber and Lyft have been making changes for the benefit of drivers.

Uber has been operating under the 180 days of change plan since June 20, 2017 to implement all the changes they are making for the betterment of drivers.  These changes are related to driver requests over the past  years including tipping.  These actions by Uber have been putting pressure on Lyft to also make changes, although for the most part Lyft was far more driver friendly years earlier than Uber.  Recently Lyft announced that they will be testing a new version of their driver app in selected markets in which the driver would see where the passenger’s final destination is before they accept a trip.  That’s a big deal for a driver since drivers have not been able to see where a passenger wants to go until the driver’s passenger gets in the car on either platform.

Interestingly you can also play one company against the other, Lyft against Uber, in order to make more money. Here is how that works.  Lyft typically has a Power Driver Bonus program based on how many trips you drive including how many prime time trips.  Uber’s Quest driver bonus program typically is just based on the number of fares you drive and does not have to include prime time fares.  If you have been driving for Uber for many weeks you will notice that they keep moving the bonus requirements (the carrot) making it harder on you week over week with their various new bonus offers to you.  Uber keeps increasing the trips and lowering the bonus amounts.  This is actually automatic and programmatic, they figure they have you hooked for their bonus program.  But all you have to do is go drive for Lyft for 2-3 weeks and all of a sudden the great bonus offers from Uber start coming through again in order to get you back to drive for Uber.   This is probably the most simple and basic way to apply persuasion techniques to an automated system.

So if you only drive for one company, either of Uber or Lyft at this time, you can give yourself more options to make more money if you drive for both Uber and Lyft simultaneously.

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