Job Hunting While Driving For Uber And Lyft

May 5, 2017


By: Tommy Andrews

When your boss asks you into his/her office and then tells you that the company no longer needs your services anymore, the first thing that may go through your mind is; If I get laid off or terminated right now then how will I pay my rent? My mortgage? My car loan? My student loan? My credit cards? Etc.

The next thing to go through your mind is the formulation of an action plan you will have to craft in order to find another job as quickly as possible. Needless to say, you clearly have some major challenges ahead of you.

Don’t despair because like a superhero that saves the day, driving for rideshare is here!!!

So long as you meet the minimum requirements of having the right type of car, minimum age requirements along with having a clean criminal and driving record, you will be in business and generating income in no time. The panic that set in earlier related to how you will be able to pay your bills will simply melt away.

One nice benefit of driving for Uber or Lyft is that you can throttle your working hours up or down according to the revenue you want to generate. Yes it is true that in certain cities in the U.S. if you work your butt off (70-80 hr work weeks) then you will be rewarded by earning income at a six figure rate.

But you really don’t have to work that hard if you want to make the equivalency in income because a few things are on your side. For one, your milage will offset your income on your tax returns thus virtually eliminating federal and state taxes you would otherwise have to pay with a regular full time job.

In addition if you happen to be getting older, and I am just talking about 50 years of age and older, the mileage deduction will result in your adjusted gross income dropping to a level that may allow you to qualify for the Affordable Care Act. This in turn may qualify you for a government subsidy which could mean a savings of $2,000 a month just on health insurance. So I think you are starting to get the picture, right?

There is yet another great benefit that comes into play when you drive for Uber or Lyft. Given that you will be giving approximately 120-140 trips per week as a full time driver. You get to network first hand with thousands of passengers per year and some of them may be very influential in helping land your next job. Keep a copy of your latest resume on hand. Always be on your best behaviour and make a good impression, you never know, your next passenger may turn out to be your next boss or perhaps someone who refers you into a company and a new job.

As a professional Uber and Lyft driver having driven over 8000 trips over the past 2 years, these are just some of the benefits I can help you with. I will be happy to mentor you through the signup process and continue to help you for several months after you start driving. I will be providing you tips and professional advice by answering your questions by phone, text or email at absolutely no cost to you. Simply sign up at

If you are ready to sign up to become an Uber or Lyft driver then please click on the appropriate buttons below to get the application process started…

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