How to Drive for Uber and Lyft Simultaneously

May 1, 2018


By: Tommy Andrews

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Summary – How To Drive For Uber & Lyft Simultaneously

  • Mystro (, for Android only) TESTED & PREFERRED
  • Upshift (, for Android only)
  • AutoSwitch (, for Android only)
  • Quick Switch-Uber-Lyft-Lolipop (info & download on Google Play Store, for Android only)
  • Manually Switching Apps

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Updated with the latest info May 1, 2018

Depending on the area you want to drive in you may be in an urban area where one service just does not bring in as many rides as you need.  In order to increase your odds of receiving more fares you should drive for both Uber and Lyft simultaneously.

Done manually, this can be a bit tricky especially since you have to turn all the other driver apps you are not using OFF while keeping the one you are using ON.   Fortunately there are some apps that can help you with this and simplify the process. The full (non beta) version of one of those apps was released on July 3, 2017, called Mystro which will do the switching and so much more in order to increase their income potential.  The only issue at this time is that Mystro is only available for Android and is not yet available yet for the iPhone.  There is also an application called Upshift for which I will provide you with some features and pricing.

All apps discussed here are available only on Android.  This is because Android leaves their process for creating and deploying apps to the marketplace far more open than Apple does for the iPhone.  Subsequently, app developers prefer to make apps for the Android operating system because they can get this type of product to market much faster.  So if you have an iPhone and you would like to understand how to switch apps between Uber & Lyft, then please drop down to the heading in this article called “Manually Switching Apps”.

Let me first explain the fundamentals of some automated systems for app switching first, then follow with a review of the more cumbersome but do-able manual method for switching between apps.


Mystro Driver App

Mystro has been out as a beta released app for some time now and it was being tested by professional Uber and Lyft drivers during the beta period.  The founder of the company, Herb Coakley, was also an Uber and Lyft driver who has over 10,000 rides under his belt.  Mystro is much more than a rideshare platform switching app, rather it is a drivers virtual assistant enabling drivers to also filter out the types of rides which they do not want to receive.  Some of these filters would filter out Uber Pool or Lyft Lines if you do not want to accept them over regular Uber X or Lyft fares. In addition you could filter out passengers with low ratings so you don’t have to give a ride to a risky passenger, all automatically done for you.  There are many other features and it would be worth your time to review them.  It is paid for by subscription but free to use if you only drive 10 fares per week as a trial.  This is a premium app for rideshare drivers and is provided on a subscription basis.  Check it out on the Mystro website or on the downloaded app on your Android phone from Google Play Store.



Upshift is an app that not only automatically switches between driver apps but rather provides a central repository for more than just Uber and Lyft rather a plethora of driver apps including Doordash, Postmates, Wingz and more.  Upshift is essentially a dashboard which keeps track of many metrics including dead miles (miles you are not using to pick up or drop off a passenger), your expenses for fuel, etc.  Like Mystro, Upshift appears to only be available for Android at this time.  There are 4 levels of pricing depending on your requirements for features.  The Free version, the Starter version at $1.99/month, the Lite version at $6.99/month and Plus for $11.99/month.


QuickSwitch for Uber and Lyft

QuickSwitch is a very simple but useful app available for Android only. It will create a floating icon which will show as either Uber or Lyft over your display. So when you are in the Uber app for example you can simply tap the floating icon and it will switch over to Lyft, and vice a versa. This app will not however turn the app that is not in use offline automatically.You will still need to manually turn the other app offline when you’ve accepted a fair request on the first app.

There are some other apps for Android for drivers to switch from Uber to Lyft however they require the Android phone to be rooted which is something far beyond most people’s capabilities of doing with their mobile phone.


Manually Switching Apps

The key to manually switching between apps is to have the right equipment and apps.

Having to switch quickly between the Uber and Lyft apps will mean you should first consider the phone you need to use to make this work.  I recommend a phone with some significant processing power.   On the iphone side this would mean at least an iphone 5 but to minimize frustration  I would recommend the 6 or the 6s.  If using Samsung phone then you really need at least the galaxy s6 or equivalent.  I myself am currently using a galaxy note 5 with the octacore processor as my previous galaxy s5 with a quad core processor just did not cut it.  It would take too long to switch between apps and switch to google maps.

The biggest challenge you will have is to go offline with the app that you are not using when you accept a fare from the other app.  An example of this would be switching the Lyft app offline immediately after you accept a fare from Uber.  You do not want to have the Lyft app online while you take an Uber fare because you will not be able to accept a Lyft fare if it comes in given that you will be driving for Uber and visa versa. You also want to make sure that you have the other app you are not using turned offline is that if you were to leave it online you will formally miss the fare because it will call you but you will not accept it, thus you will decrease your fare acceptance rate which could impact you negatively to the degree that if your acceptance rate falls below 80% and stays there consistently then the service may elect to terminate you.  This is highly unlikely to happen though if you consistently remember to turn the app you are not using offline.

The other challenge is to remember to turn the app you had previously taken offline, back online.  If you forget then you have defeated the purpose of having two apps running at the same time on the same phone.

There are drivers who actually use two phones instead of one for driving the two services.  Instead of having two personal phone numbers you could buy a 2nd phone or rent an iphone from Uber and then use your personal phone for Lyft.  Clearly this would mean additional costs but it can also reduce the amount of app switching.  

There are also applications you can buy for both the iphone and the android phone which help you switch between apps very quickly.  The one I used is called Driver Switch.  There is also Quick Switch for Uber & Lyft at $4.99  But there are others like Driver Bar which work on Android phones but requires that the phone be rooted, which could be a problem for many drivers.  The latest app that I have seen developed for driver switching and also ride filtering but is currently in Beta test is called Mystro and it too is only available for Android thus far.

As a final note, once you get the techniques of manually switching apps offline and online down, you will be able to start fine tuning your technique where you can turn the other app online a few minutes before you drop off your fare.  That way you may increase your pickup rate by another 5% – 10% because both apps will be searching for rides nearby even before you finish your current ride.  Just be careful doing this since while the app you are driving a passenger with may give you another ride before you finish your drop off, another fare request may come in on the other app simultaneously and you will not be able to accept it.  This may impact your acceptance rate, however this type of situation has a very low probability of happening frequently enough to make it a problem for most drivers.  This technique is advanced and I only recommend it for drivers who already have got the whole app switching technique down pat.

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  • Terry Musk says:

    I prefer Maxymo over Mystro. Maxymo seems like a better value, at only $2.99 per month it not only filters my trips, takes apps online and offline, but it also has always had built in voice commands, gps tracking and stats and even finds promotions that help me earn even more. They have 24/7 tech support unlike any of the other apps. They also support way more rideshare apps than any of the others, Maxymo currently supports Uber, Lyft, Postmates, Juno, Zoomy and Ola. So it is really friendly to use no matter which rideshare app you are using.

  • Pontis Zager says:

    There is a new android app on the market for drivers who drive for both Uber and Lyft that is not on the above list – for doing auto-switching – called QRAD. One can download the app by searching for QRAD in Google Play Store.

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