Holiday Shopping Blues Resolved By Driving For Uber And Lyft

November 25, 2017


By: Tommy Andrews

You know the story. Around this time of year, being that it is Black Friday week, many of us go a little overboard making sure we impress our friends and relatives with fine gifts. The problem is that the combined cost of the gifts can range in the thousands and when you add the interest you pay for the credit cards you used for these purchases in the equation you may have added and extra 25% to 50% of the original cost to the final bill.

There are many ways to solve this dilemma. One way is to have an extra job to work off the thousands of dollars you may owe as quickly as possible. One fast and simple way is to drive for Uber and Lyft.

There are millions of drivers all over the world driving for short periods of time to either save up for something or pay off debt. Most of these drivers have full time jobs or other obligations but take 10-20 hours out of their week to drive for a rideshare company.

I remember having a nice conversation as a passenger with a Lyft driver during one of my first Lyft experiences. The driver explained that he was driving part-time after work for the next 3 months so that he could save enough money to buy his girlfriend an expensive and beautiful diamond engagement ring. I could tell the driver was very motivated to accomplish his goal.

In general if you have other things in life that you need extra money for, by being signed up for Uber and Lyft you have the option of getting on the road and making extra money any time you want and getting paid on a daily basis with express pay or instant pay if you want. What else can you do so easily?

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