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Making the decision to drive for Uber, Lyft or both rideshare services can be a considerable investment of your time and money. This website is designed to help anyone in the United States that is considering driving for Uber or Lyft have access to free rideshare driver consulting provided by a professional driver over the telephone.

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How to Apply to be an Uber Driver

uber cab driver requirements

Updated for 2017 How to become an Uber driver is relatively easy and is very similar to the requirements and the process to become a Lyft driver. DRIVER REQUIREMENTS The driver must be at least 21 years or older with a 1 year driving record, 3 years if under 23 years old. You need a clean
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How to apply to be a Lyft Driver

lyft driver requirements

How to become a Lyft driver is very similar to the process and requirements of becoming an Uber driver.  Lyft is looking for safe stable drivers whose first priority is the safety of their passengers. THE DRIVER REQUIREMENTS ARE: Applicants must be 21 years of age or older. – There are no exceptions here. If
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How to Drive for Uber and Lyft Simulteneously

lyft rideshare

Updated with latest info July 5, 2017 Depending on the area you want to drive in you may be in an urban area where one service just does not bring in as many rides as you need.  In order to increase your odds of receiving more fares you should drive for both Uber and Lyft
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My First Two Fares With Uber and Lyft

driver conditions

I am a pretty laid back guy.  A few decades ago I completed the toastmasters regime of 10 speeches.  I have spoken in front of 500 people before and held countless meeting where I had to present facts and figures on powerpoint slides to a critical corporate audience. I don’t know what it is but
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I had some significant reservations and some potential road blocks to driving for Uber but my driving coach worked with me and got me on the road quickly and provided me with great money making tips as a new driver. Best of all it did not cost me any money at all and I got the maximum sign on bonus.

Czerny Miller Jr. - Now a full time Uber driver

My driving coach, Tom, has gone above and beyond in helping to coach me to be a full time Uber driver. I've been driving for 5 weeks now, and I know that Tom's expertise and genuine approach is always easily within reach. I am so appreciative for all his wisdom and guidance.

Arnott Adler - Chiropractor and Uber driver